Embedding and integrating SFS principles and tools into our EHS approach across Stanley Black & Decker is having a profound, positive impact on our sustainability performance.
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(a) Waste generation in total pounds per 1000$ production costs.
(b) Energy consumption in kilo British thermal units, CO2e carbon dioxide equivalents, both per 1000$ production costs.
(c) Water consumption in gallons per 1000$ production costs.
(d) Total recordable rate and lost time rate = # of applicable incidents per 100 employees per year.
(e) Percentage of factories and distribution centers certified to International Standards Organization 14001 Environmental Management System Standard, British Standards Occupational Health Safety Assessment Series 18001, Social Accountability International 8000, and/or other applicable management system standards certifications.
(f) Percentage of factories and distribution centers receiving some form of EHS recognition from, or engaging in partnership activities with, local, state/provincial, and/or federal government agencies.
(g) Percentage of factories and distribution centers undergoing an external EHS compliance audit.
(h) Overexertion, cumulative activity, stress.